Increase Profits with Complete EPoS Systems from £998 + VAT  

Or £23 + VAT per month*VEPoS-660-Electronic-point-of-sale

The ideal system for busy hospitality and retail stores looking for complete control over their business, increasing profits.

SPA EPoS proudly present the Vepos660 complete electronic point of sales system, ideal for quick installation to get you up and running with minimal down time. SPA also offers a number of additional add-ons to complement your system, offering best price performance for your business needs.


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Your system will include:

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Optional add-onsCustomer rear display

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Is everything included in the £998 +VAT price?

Yes, everything listed above is included in the package and is yours for a one off payment of 998 +VAT, there are no additional charges or hidden costs. Many companies will make you take out a support contract with them, if you do not pay for support they will charge you a yearly relicensing fee and if you don’t pay for either of these they will stop access to your software. SPA will not do this; once you have made your payment of £998 +VAT the system is yours.

Can the system function fully if the internet connection goes down?

Yes, one of the great benefits of this system is that it is not Cloud based and therefore can be run independently, without an internet connection, ensuring you are not at the mercy of poor connections and speeds. You will still be able to use all of the system’s functions allowing your business to run, uninterrupted.


Can I add Cloud back office software?

Yes, whilst Cloud software is not included in the price, you can add it to your package from as little as £15 per month. This will require an internet connection but will allow you to access live sales data and reporting from any internet enabled device, wherever you are. You can also update your system remotely, such as products and pricing and keep an eye on staff with full staff reports.

I have been offered ‘Free Cloud Software’ elsewhere, why does SPA charge for it?

Cloud software is never free as every company pays server costs and those costs will always be passed on to you as the end user. They can often be wrapped up in support charges or other additional costs to you which, if you don’t pay, it is likely they will cancel your Cloud access. At SPA EPoS Solutions, we are 100% transparent with our costs and pricing and this is why we charge £15 a month, so you are never left with any nasty surprises.

How long will it take to install my EPoS system?

Connecting your device to the internet for training can take up to 10 minutes, once connected we can start your two hours of free online training. The System is very much plug in and go so requires very little training to get you up and trading.

Can I get additional training?

The system is extremely easy to use and the 2 hours of free training should be more than sufficient. If, however you feel you need any more, your first month of support is free and we should be able to answer any questions within this with no cost to you.

What is the expected lifespan of the system?

If your system is cared for and not subject to any physical abuse, unauthorised tampering or water damage, your system is expected to last for at least 7-10 years.

Is this system right for my business?

If you work within the Retail or Hospitality industry, then the answer is most probably yes. SPA EPoS solutions have supplied electronic point of sales systems to these industries for over 26 years, so we know what your business needs from its’ EPoS. We have worked with multi site and independent businesses and are happy to discuss your requirements if you feel this system is not right for you.

How do I buy this system?

Simply call our advisors on 0800 592 348 or fill out the contact form here and we can arrange a no obligation online demo. Once you are happy with the system we will send you a quote to sign and then take payment via BACS or credit card. It is that simple.

Can I lease this system?

Yes, you can lease the system for £23 per month* over 5 years. If you would like to lease, we will put you in contact with our leasing partner. At the end of your 5 year contract we will contact you and offer an upgrade. Leasing is also 100% allowable against taxable profits, so can save you money.

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*All figures quoted are indicative only and subject to VAT, final underwriting, admin fees, payment by Direct Debit and the lenders terms and conditions. Leasing is 100% allowable against taxable profits. The stipulated tax relief figures assumes 20% small profits rate and may demonstrate selffinancing. For exact taxation benefits relevant to your business it is recommended that you seek professional financial advice from your accountant or tax advisor.

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